Get up to 15x faster response from OpenAI GPT API with Model Gateway

Model Gateway is an open-source robust intermediary platform designed to streamline and manage AI inference requests from your client applications to various AI service providers.

The fastest GPT response

Model you ❤️ but up to 15x faster

We monitor OpenAI Platform and all Azure OpenAI data centers and route your request to the fastest available AI provider and region that is reliable at a given moment. Enjoy your favorite OpenAI GPT models, but much faster.

Fastest Possible Inference
Get up to 15x more output tokens per second with active routing compared to using your current static endpoints.
Load Balancing and Failover
Distributes load across multiple endpoints and regions to ensure high availability and redundancy.
Easy Integration
Keep using your favorite AI libraries. Model Gateway is compatible with all major existing ones.
Integration with Multiple AI Providers
Connects seamlessly with Azure OpenAI, OpenAI, Ollama, and more for flexible and scalable integration.
Administrative Interface
Manage configurations and monitor performance with a user-friendly UI and GraphQL API support.
Secure and Configurable
Handles API keys and tokens securely with advanced configuration options for customized needs.
Secure By Default
Security is our top priority. We use the latest security standards to keep communication safe.
Privacy Guaranteed
All your data belongs to you. Host Model Gateway on your infrastructure.

Super-simple integration

No additional dependencies, no complex setup. Just a simple configuration.

from openai import AzureOpenAI

MODELGW_API_KEY = "sk-..."

client = AzureOpenAI(

completion =
    messages=[{"role": "user", "content": "Hello there!"}],
    model="auto",  # set your model to "auto"


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  • Self-hosted
  • Automatic failover
  • Unlimited gateways
  • Unlimited requests/month

Open-source Plus

⚡️ Fastest inference

Get the routing to the fastest available regions of cloud AI providers such as Azure OpenAI service.



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  • Automatic failover
  • Routing to the fastest region
  • Up to 15x faster inference
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